About The Client

The client is an online platform and selling digital products. They hoped to increase the sales by using Facebook ads. They had limited budget every day, but had a quite clear customer segment to dive in. 

The campaign wasn’t long, however, the result was pretty satisfactory. 

Our Solution

As aforementioned, while the customer segmentation was clear, the final customer profile after advertisement was as expected. We were targeting at the age groups between 25-44, male customers, and is illustrated well by the graph above.

Of course, what matter most are the conversions and sale amount. After the campaign, the daily page engaged users have surged 130%; while the daily organic reach has risen 80%. 

The CPC (cost per click) was as low as HKD$1.96, and the CPE (cost per engagement, or CPA(cost per action)) was only HKD$1.75.

The sales upswung 34%; and 19% clicked the ads were converted into sales.


28 days total reach
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