About The Dasboard

Some dashboards tend to show graphics more, some shows more tables and data, while the others incline to status indicators. And of-course it is good to have a combination of all three. No matter how the layout is, a dashboard tell us the information critical and vital to an organization.

The dashboard below is a demonstration of a mixture of the above. It is a desktop app which will live updates while fresh data is being fed in. 

Sales Analytics Dashboard Demonstration specifically for Marketing and business manager and leaders

Our Solution

This dashboard tells you the answer of many managerial questions. 


  1. Which products are the best seller and should we foucus on?
  2. Which region does the brand do the best in?
  3. Which region far far has the best market size?
  4. How does our sales grow over the year?

Questions we can further ask,

  1. What products are most often sold together?
  2. Why do you think it sold the most?
  3. What time should we display advertisements to maximize likelihood of customer’s buying product?
  4. How does the sales this month compared to the average monthly sales?

If you have wondered the questions before, it means you have entered the realm of modern management. We know it is not easy to walk freely to begin with. But please have no worry, we are here for you. Just drop us a line, and we will come and smoothen the path for you. 


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